SIG's strategy is BUILT around six key self-help areas, or strategic pillars, which the Group IS focused on to ImPROVE ProfitABILITY and INCREASE shareholder value.

They Are:

1Outstanding Customer Service

  • Technical expertise of employees
  • Availability and range of specialist stock
  • Speed, reliability and mode of delivery
  • Improved customer communications

2Sales Outperformance

  • Focus on core markets
  • Benefit from legislative change
  • Expand branch networks
  • UK national sales initiatives
  • Infill acquisitions
  • Product innovation

3Gross Margin Enhancement

  • Improved procurement
  • Use of better IT systems
  • Price management programmes
  • Control of mix
  • Product innovation

4Operational Efficiency

  • Invest in new systems
  • Better utilise fleet
  • Leveraging network
  • More site sharing
  • Tight control of cost inflation

5Focus on Financial Returns

  • Maintain focus on cash conversion and working capital
  • Target annual Return on Sales improvement in all businesses
  • Target annual ROCE improvement

6Exceptional People

  • Training and development
  • Employee engagement
  • Health and Safety
  • Improved communications